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Don Strickland


Don Strickland has had a distinguished and rewarding career spanning 30 years. He began his career as an engineer and progressed through positions in manufacturing, sales, marketing, business development and general management to become a top executive at Kodak and Apple. He went on to become the CEO of a successful startup company, and then CEO of a public company.


Over the course of his career he has successfully built businesses internationally for large public companies and venture capital backed start-up companies by combining new technologies and business models.


Don has extensive international experience, including assignments in the United States, Asia and Europe.



Don is a captivating speaker that speaks from his personal experiences and experiences he has shared with other successful executives. His style is visual, using images to communicate key insights with an emotional connection. He customizes his speeches for the audience, from C-Level executives to middle managers, and from technology to business backgrounds.


Don is an inspirational and engaging speaker. As a successful CEO and entrepreneur, he has a unique perspective on innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship. Expect to come away with new insights on what drives your company’s performance and your role in improving it.”

                Professor David Gann,  CBE

                Imperial College London



Don formed Strickland & Associates to advise companies on business model innovation and the implementation of new business models. Strickland & Associates draws upon a wide network of experienced executives that are brought in to provide specific subject matter expertise.


Don’s approach to business model innovation is grounded in the practicality of a business executive and reflects his belief that new business model alternatives should be part of every company’s strategic planning process. He ties together the business model with strategy and culture, an aspect of business model innovation often not addressed.



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